Cori Frede

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Email: website@makingcentsofit.com


Teched Up Learning: techeduplearning.com

Cori Runs: running.makingcentsofit.com

Archive of Making Cents of It Blog (last post 2015): archive.makingcentsofit.com

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Twitter: @makingcentsofit

Instagram: @makingcentsofit

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Personal Documents

Resume: Cori Frede

American Cancer Society (ACS) Fundraisers

Fundraising goal of $3500 for ACS with Team DetermiNation to run NYC Marathon.

American Cancer Society: main.acsevents.org/goto/corifrede

Facebook Fundraiser: facebook.com/donate/174666527134984

Zazzle Storefront: zazzle.com/store/coriruns

Bonfire Storefront: bonfire.com/store/cori-runs/