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Making Cents of It is a media friendly website. If you would like to see previously sponsored posts, please click the sponsored tag on the left menu. We have a strong readership that is growing daily through word of mouth referrals. Past reviews can be seen by using the review tag on the left menu.

About the Site: Making Cents of It is dedicated  to helping 20-somethings save money and still enjoying life.  I share deals, articles, and products that will help readers live fabulously on entry level salaries. A major component of Making Cents of It is ways to save on entertainment, which 20-somethings find an important part of enjoying life.

Site's Mission: The Making Cents of It mission is empower 20-somethings to take control of their finances through education and smart spending.

If you are a representative from a company and feel your product would interest the readers of Making Cents of It, I would love to hear from you. I am more than happy to consider your product for a review on the site. I do not charge for writing reviews, however I request that you send me at least two of the product to review – one for my use to write the review and one or more to giveaway as a promotion with the review. Contest regulations and prize delivery can be discussed. Any product reviews I write will have my honest opinion of the product.

Additionally, I am willing to discuss pricing for a sidebar advertisement or sponsored article.

Anytime you want to get in touch with me, you can feel free to email

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