Chance to See an Advance Screening of Hunger Games

The Capitol (and Lionsgate) is pleased to announce that you might be invited to an advanced screening of The Hunger Games which will be released nationwide on March 24, 2012. 24 cities around the country, in honor of the 24 tributes, will host a pre-screening of the film. If you live near one of the 24 cities, you must help unlock the RSVP link by tweeting about the screening.

Another chance at passes to a screening requires a rather large purchase. Buy a Nook at Barnes and Noble on March 10, 2012, and you'll get a pair of passes to an advance screening.

Based off Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games Trilogy, this film will take us into the world of Panem, a future country which is located in North America at least 100 years after a massive war. Each year two children from each of the 12 districts are forced to fight to the death on a television show called Hunger Games as a way to remind the citizens that the government controls their lives.

I have personally read the trilogy and can't wait for this film to come out. I am hoping to get screening passes so I can review the film for my loyal readers.

Nissan Dealerships Within California

I recently bought a new home in California and had to do a bit of research on dealerships available after visiting most of them in person, two that stood out included fontana nissan and riverside nissan. I have heard about both of these before from friends I made after moving, and both came strongly recommended. Although I have heard a lot more great things about Fontana, I suppose that either of them could have done the job right. I did end up purchasing my car from Fontana, but appreciated the inventory and specials that were offered at the Riverside dealership. At the dealership in Fontana, the staff was extremely friendly and welcoming and made sure that I was completely comfortable with my purchase before going forward. Of course I strongly appreciated this approach rather than the rush to get your signature and your money policy some dealerships operated on. The sales-people really seemed interested in learning what exactly I was looking for and always kept my price range in mind. This was also important considering how often I have had to deal with dealership people pushing higher priced cars on me and trying to negotiate for half an hour just to get the same answer ("No") everytime. I decided to purchase the car that looked right for me, and that was a brand new 2012 Nissan Rogue. I think that in the long run it will be a very smart choice. Although of course the newer version of this model did cost more than it probably had to, it runs perfectly and I don't have to worry about it breaking down or anything else like that. Whenever my friends ask me about dealerships now I always recommend Fontana since I had such great success with it. I don't trust many dealerships, but I'm happy that I found one I can count on in my new home state of California.

Disclaimer: This guest post was not written by me. All words and opinions belong to the original author.

$5 for Two Movie Tickets and More

Saveology has a great deal running today but you need to watch the fine print. For $5 you will get two tickets on (up to $14 each) and a free trial of the Saveology Elite, including a $15 credit monthly for deals. The catch is if you don't want the Saveology Elite you must remember to cancel. The free trial includes a automatic renewal after 14 days at the price of $10 per month.

Free Obama Bumper Sticker

Are you supporting President Obama in his campaign for re-election? Head over to Obama's website and request a free campaign bumper sticker.

Disclaimer: Making Cents of It is a nonpartisan deal poster. If you find a similar promotion for a different candidate I will post the deal. All election related freebies will be labeled politics for easy viewing. Remember, whichever candidate you support, make sure you are registered to vote before November.

$15 Free to Plum District When You Sign-Up for a Free Trial of Netflix

247086_Start your FREE trial this Holiday! TV episodes & movies instantly streaming from Netflix.

If you're not already a member of Netflix, now is a great time to try it out. Plum District is offering you a $15 credit on Plum District when you sign up for a free trial of Netflix. Once you're logged into Plum District, you'll see the link on the top right corner.

Offer only available in the United States for new, first time Netflix customers and their households. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Purchase or redemption of gift subscriptions is not eligible to earn this offer. Internet access and valid payment method required to redeem offer. You will not be charged a Netflix membership fee during your free month. Netflix will begin to bill your payment method for the Netflix service at the end of your free month unless you cancel prior to the end of that period. Your Netflix membership is a month-to-month subscription that begins at sign-up, and that you can cancel at any time. No refunds or credits for partial months. A computer or other device that streams from Netflix (manufactured and sold separately) and broadband Internet connection are required to watch instantly. Please allow 2-4 weeks after you start your free trial to receive your Plum Dollars to your Plum District account.

Just a warning though, most people never cancel because the service is really good. I know some people that have gotten rid of cable and just watch the shows a day or two later on Netflix or Amazon.

Free Advance Screening of Game Change

Just in time for the 2012 presidential election HBO is releasing a new film about the 2008 election. Based on a book of the same name, Game Change mainly follows Sarah Palin as she is introduced into the national spotlight. HBO will be premiering the movie on March 10, 2012, but you can catch it a few days earlier in select cities. You just need to request your passes for the advance screening of Game Change.
  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • Detroit
  • Los Angeles
  • Minneapolis
  • Philadelphia
  • San Francisco
I'm not positive if all the screenings will be the same day and time but for Philadelphia the screening is March 6, 2012 at 7pm.

Movie Review: Act of Valor

Going into the screening for Act of Valor I knew very little. I knew the film starred real Navy Seals but it was not a documentary. Prior to the film, the directors came on the screen and gave more background. I'm not sure if this short introduction was just for the screenings or if it will be in all the showings, but it was interesting. Act of Valor began as a recruitment project for the Navy but it just took off in this direction and the military supported a full length film.

While starring real Seals doing real maneuvers, Act of Valor is about a fictional mission and was not just a theatrical performance of a past mission. The film's mission involves rescuing a kidnapped CIA agent and then following up on her intelligence to prevent a major attack on United States' people by terrorists.

The stunts were amazing and if the director's speech hadn't talked about the difficulties of filming on an active submarine, I would have assumed the scene was done with CGI. It was just too amazing to be real. They also really built up the intensity of some attack scenes using sound, or lack of sound I should say. As the seals moved in, there was no music or talking. All you could hear were the crickets chirping as the seals used hand signals to communicate.

There were times during the film when I wasn't really sure what to think. I left the movie thinking it was great but at a few points I was checking my watch. The overall film really set the emotions on a journey. The acting was lacking, but since these are soldiers and not actors, you really can't fault them for it.

Act of Valor will be released nation wide on February 24, 2012. Check out your local theater's Facebook page to see if they have any current promotions for popcorn or tickets.

Movie Rating for Act of Valor

The passes for this pre-screening were won through Gofobo. Follow their Facebook page to attend free screenings near you. Check out my information post for more information about free movie screenings.

Redeem Disney Movie Rewards for Starbucks Gift Cards

If you've been saving your Disney Movie Reward points, now is the time to redeem. Disney always offers the ability to redeem for travel related deals but right now you can redeem 1000 points for a $10 Starbucks gift card. Act fast because this will be sold out soon.

Sponsored: Clipix

Have you ever been trying to shop for something and found it difficult to keep track of the different items at different stores?  I'm currently redesigning my bedroom and I've found blankets at more stores than I can count. Now you have clipix to help.

Clipix is a tool that you can add to your toolbar that allows you to "clip" pictures from a website.  Even better is that it remembers the site you clipped the image from.  You can leave comments when you clip the image so you can remember the price and possible coupon codes.  I noticed that sometimes it remembered the price on its own, but I didn't see it list the price on my clipboard.  You can also clip articles to read, but I didn't try this feature out.

Clipix knows that people like to multitask so you can set up multiple clipboards.  I currently have one for blankets, one for headboards, and one for dressers.  Hopefully by the time I'm finished, I will have a beautiful new bedroom because I was able to shop multiple stores at once.

I didn't like the fact that I needed to have the bookmark toolbar open to use this tool because I have a custom toolbar I modified already open.  The need to open an additional toolbar increased the size of my heading and shrunk the size of my window.  If you already use your bookmark toolbar, this won't be an issue for you.

To see more about Clipix, check out this video from YouTube.
How can you use Clipix to help organize yourself online?  Set up a free account and check out the site today.
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Free Tans at Hollywood Tans

If you like to be ready for bathing suit season then Hollywood Tans wants to help you out. On March 10, 2012 (I'll post a reminder), Hollywood Tans will be giving out free tans all day across the nation. Last year this promotion included spray tans for those people that like color without the cancer risk.

You can see the announcement on the Hollywood Tans homepage and read details on Yahoo! Finance.

Free Science Diet Dog Food at Petsmart

Head over to Science Diets website and register as a new pet owner. Once registered you'll be able to print coupons including one for $8 off Science Diet food. Next week, Petsmart will have the 4-5 pound bags on sale for only $6. This means you will be able to pick up a free bag of food.

If you don't have a dog, consider picking up a bag for your local shelter.

Upcoming Free Items at Staples

If you didn't already know, many stores post their upcoming weekly fliers on Thursday. This often helps me decide if I should buy something now or wait until next week. Staples flier for next week includes some two day only free (after rebate) items. I have listed the before rebate price so you know how much you would be laying out but you will get it all back.

Staples Copy Paper, 500 Sheet Ream - $5.49
Staples 4"x6" Photo Paper, 60/pack - $9.99
Staedtler Maxum ballpoint pens, 8/pack - $5.99
Kleenex Tissues, 2/pack - $2.99
Avery 8160 White Address Labels, 25 sheets - $12.79

There are also some dollar deals and other sales going on so check the flier for everything being offered.

Movie Review: This Means War

What happens when two men fall for the same girl? Now imagine those two men are CIA agents/partners. That is the premise for This Means War and Reese Witherspoon is the woman.

The film had some great action scenes as these men use all of their CIA resources to spy on the girl and learn what she's looking for. In order to use the resources, both men claim national security, going as far to say "Patriot Act" when questioned by a tech guy, to prevent the other spies from catching on. This also includes the secondary story which involves a criminal they are trying to capture.

There are tons of great one liners, and many of the best were delivered by none other than Chelsea Handler. The problem I found was that most of these one liners could be heard during the trailer and therefore were not a surprise. Given that, I still laughed each time. Rest assured that the film is funny and the trailer didn't actually give everything away.

I might be alone in my opinion here, and I most likely am, but each time they closed in on Chris Pine's face, I couldn't help but think of Star Trek and how his face looks on the posters. The other issue I had with a face was Witherspoon's in one scene. She had no make-up on, or they went for a really natural look, and on a large screen, it just didn't look right. She's still a beautiful woman but even male actors wear make-up in the movies for a reason.

The films editing could have been better with too many blackouts as transitions. The black screen didn't last for more than a few seconds but it felt long and happened multiple times.

My personal opinion of this film is that it will have something for everyone. Women will enjoy the story and the cute guys while men will like the action and competition. I'm not sure I liked what Witherspoon's character decided in the end, but I don't want to give details and spoil the end of the film.

This Means War will be released nation wide on February 17, 2012. Check your local theater's Facebook page to see if there are any deals on tickets or popcorn.

Movie Rating for This Means War

The passes for this pre-screening were won through Gofobo. Follow their Facebook page to attend free screenings near you. Check out my information post for more information about free movie screenings.

25 Free Love Songs

Noisetrade wants to help you celebrate Valentines Day. Just like Noisetrade on Facebook and you will be able to download 25 love songs for free.

3 Magazine Subscriptions for $19

Deal Pulp is offering a great deal for people that love magazines. Today's deal is $19 for 3 magazine subscriptions. The list of magazines include over 100 titles and you can view the list before purchasing the deal.

Free Subscription to Martha Stewart Living

This must be the week of magazine subscriptions because another free subscription has become available. Head over to Teen Freeway to enter a contest. The instant prize that everyone gets is a free year subscription to Martha Stewart Living. I can't find that listed in the official rules but so far everyone is reporting that they win the instant prize. Good luck!

Source: Free Stuff Times

Free $2 MP3 Credit on Amazon

Head over to the Amazon MP3 Store and you will find some great music at cheap prices. Right now, you can enter the promotional code GIFTLOVE to get a $2 credit for MP3s. You can enter the promotional code on any MP3 page by clicking the redeem a code link under the buy with one click button.

Free $25 Visa Gift Card When You Test Drive a Kia

Are you thinking about buying a new car or just want an excuse to test drive one? Kia is currently offering a free $25 pre-paid Visa just for taking a ride in the new 2012 Optima. Make sure you print the form before heading over to your local dealership because they will need to complete their section of the form after the test drive. Test drives must be taken between now and March 31, 2012.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Test-drive offer is valid from 2/1/12 to 3/31/12. To be eligible, test-driver must be 18 years of age or older with a valid driver's license. This offer is non-negotiable and non-transferable. One $25 Kia Visa Prepaid Card per household. Test-drive and dealer validation required. Only the completed certificate with an original dealer signature and Personal Customer Code will be honored. Your envelope with the original, completed certificate inside must be postmarked by 4/15/12.

Source: Chi Town Cheapskate

Free Subscription to Better Homes & Gardens

If you missed the deal last week, you have another chance to get a free 24 issues subscription to Better Homes & Gardens. This time the promotion is on ValuMags and states "This subscription was purchased on your behalf by" so there are no qualifying questions like you get on some of the other free sites.

Free 5-Hour Energy Break for Your Office

I saw an interesting commercial today while watching a show on 5-Hour Energy would like to come to your office for a 5-Hour Energy break. If your business is selected, they will come to your office and give everyone free samples of 5-Hour Energy.

Now available in 27 metro areas, including Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, and Washington D.C..

Free Subscription to Better Homes and Gardens

Head over to FreeBizMag for a free one year subsciption to Better Homes and Gardens. These free magazines go fast so don't wait too long.

Source: Free Stuff Times

Free Screenings of Act of Valor

Act of Valor is a new movie that's based on true stories from members of the military. You can see the film before anyone else and see it for free. I have already seen this film at an earlier screening and I highly recommend it. My full review will post on February 23, 2012 for the February 24, 2012 film release.

At the time of this posting, the cities below still have free passes to an early screening of Act of Valor. Dates and times vary so if you see your city listed, check it out.

Source: The Freebie Blogger

Which Was Your Favorite Superbowl Commercial?

We all know that the Superbowl has the best commercials of the year. Companies pay more money for thirty seconds of airtime than most of us will see in a lifetime. Now that the game is over and the commercials have been aired, which was your favorite? For me it's hard to pick just one. Below are my top five commercials. Please note that these are my favorite commercials but it doesn't mean I like the company or product. I listed this alphabetically by company.

Budweiser - While the main purpose of this commercial was to show Budweiser being enjoyed throughout the years, Eternal Optimism (as the commercial is titled on YouTube) really shows us a montage of amazing moments in history.

Honda CR-V - Who can forget Ferris Bueller's Day Off? 26 years later, this commercial began as a teaser which led fans to believe a sequel was being made.

Hulu Plus - When Hulu was all about free streaming I loved these commercials. This was still good, but if Hulu was really aliens trying to prepare our unknowing brains to eat, would they really charge us for it?

Metlife - Where's Waldo? My friend Chris pointed out that if you were to mute the commercial and have no idea what it was about, you would think it was a montage to a great childhood. This short commercial managed to include so many pop culture references from growing up.

The Voice - Even before the reveal I loved this commercial because it was just so humorous watching the judges fight to get to "the voice" first.

Which was your favorite commercial? Leave a comment below.

Check Papa Johns Website Tomorrow for Free Pizza

The fans correctly called heads for the coin toss which means Papa Johns will be giving away free pizza. Check the Papa Johns' website tomorrow (February 6, 2012) for details to redeem your free pizza and Pepsi Max.

Sponsored: Discount Memberships to Walgreen's Prescription Savings Club

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


Remember a few weeks ago when I told you about Walgreens and Express Scripts cutting their partnership?  Walgreens is still trying to help their customers.  Right now, you can get a discount on the Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens.  This is a great program if you don't have prescription coverage because it offers discounts on all types of prescriptions.


During this sale, you can get an individual membership for only $20.  Need to cover more than just yourself?  A family membership is on sale for $35.  The family membership will include your spouse, dependents under 22, and pets.


Besides the great deals on prescriptions, Prescription Savings Plan members will also get discounts on flu shots and diabetic supplies.   On top of the medical discounts, you'll also get bonus discounts on Walgreens brand products and photofinishing services.


I'm not sure what kind of coverage they offer for pets but I really want to find out.  Even healthy pets require monthly medications to remain healthy.  Heart worm pills and flea and tick prevention adds up quickly.  Even when you buy in bulk or on discount.


Make sure you like Walgreens on Facebook and Walgreens on Twitter for more great deals all the time.

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Free Subscription to Redbook

Join American Family (free membership) and you'll get a free one year subscription to Redbook. Hurry, because this promotion won't last long. This is for new members to American Family only.

Get $5 Off a $5 Purchase at Michael's Craft Stores

There is a great coupon available if you need craft supplies this weekend. Spend $5 get $5 off at Michael's Craft Stores.  This coupon is only valid today and tomorrow (February 3-4, 2012).

Source: Slick Deals

Free Subscription to Disney's FamilyFun

ValueMags is currently offering a free 20 issue subscription to FamilyFun. This is a monthly magazine so 20 issues is almost two years for free.

Source: Freebie Princess

$10 for $20 to

Living Social is currently offering a promotion for Buy a $20 voucher for only $10. If you place your order through their new shortcut,, you'll get free shipping.

This is a national deal so you might need to scroll down the site to find it.

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