Free Onion Rings at Burger King

Burger King is announcing an onion ring weekend for February 4-5, 2012. Just head over to your local Burger King for a free value size onion rings. No coupon required.

$10 Papa John Gift Card for $5 (Invite Only)

Check your email because Groupon is sending out a special "invite only" deal for Papa Johns. If you received the email you can purchase a $10 e-certificate for only $5. This link is in the email and if you try to get to the page, you'll get a message saying you're not eligible for the deal. With Super Bowl Sunday around the corner, this is a great discount.

Also remember to sign up for Papa Rewards if you haven't already. If the members correctly call the coin toss, everyone will get a free pizza and Pepsi Max.

Free Streaming Movie from Best Buy's CinemaNow

Best Buy will be giving away free movie rentals from their CeinemaNow site. Just head over to the Best Buy facebook page to get the code and rent a movie.

Last time they ran this promotion, the free movie was from a select list. I guess we'll see what they do this time.

How to Host a Low Cost Superbowl Party

Superbowl Sunday is coming and just because you're hosting a party doesn't mean you have to go broke. Check out some great ways to cut costs without cutting the fun.

Decorate from the dollar store
- Dollar stores are great for party supplies. You can buy table clothes, serving plates, plastic ware, and more. My local store even had football shaped chip and dip serving plates. Just don't go overboard. Buying a banner that says "party's here" is cute, but you don't need one on each door and enough balloons to lift the house from UP.

Make your own snacks - Sure it would be easy to buy a veggie platter, but it's cheaper to just chop your own vegetables. It doesn't stop there. If you like pigs in blankets (hot dogs wrapped in dough) you can buy a frozen box but it will be over $10. Buy hot dogs and crescent roll dough. Wrap the hot dogs and slice. Follow the instructions for the dough to bake.

Check out pizza deals - Different places will be offering different specials. Make sure you check out the Super Bowl specials before placing your order.  Now's also a good time to make sure you're registered for Papa John's reward program.  If the fans correctly call the coin toss, you'll get a free pizza and Pepsi Max.

$15 for $30 on CafePress from Groupon

For anyone that likes CafePress, check out today's deal on Groupon. Buy a $30 gift code to CafePress for only $15. I saw the deal on the special Valentine's Day page.

Small Sub, Soup, and Soda for $4.99 at Quiznos

There is a great coupon available right now for Quiznos. You can get a small sub, soup, and soda for only $4.99. The coupon expires on February 2, 2012.

Try it Free: Pam Non-Stick Cooking Spray

If you like to cook, then this is a great rebate for you. Pam is offering a money back guarantee right now which means if you don't think they offer the best non-stick cooking product they will refund your purchase price. You must make your purchase before April 27, 2012 and postmark the rebate request by May 27, 2012.

Source: Surviving the Stores

Free Piece of Apparel at Sears Outlet

Sears Outlets is offering a great coupon available today only (January 24, 2012). You can get a free piece of apparel. This is an interesting coupon because from what I can tell there is no price maximum.

Anyone that signs up, or is already a member of, the Shop Your Way Rewards is eligible for the coupon. Shop Your Way is free to join and it will allow you to earn rewards at Sears and Kmart.

This coupon is only valid at Sears Outlet, not regular Sears locations.

Possible Free Skinny Cow Ice Cream

Allow Skinny Cow to connect to your Facebook account and make a resolution. Once you do, they will give you a coupon for $1 off Skinny Cow ice cream. Since the small ice cream is often on sale for $1 this can lead to some free ice cream.

I'm Not a Football Fan, But What a Day

Even though I currently live in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, I am a New Yorker born and raised. My home team will always be NY and my mailing address cannot change that. The Yankees had an awful year but at least one New York team is playing strong. The New York Giants won tonight's game which means (say it with me) THE GIANTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL. I might actually watch the game this year instead of just the commercials.

Keep an eye out, because I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of coupons and deals for party supplies as the Super Bowl gets closer.

On a sadder note, an official statement was released this morning that beloved Penn State football coach Joe Paterno has died from complications of his cancer at the age of 85.

$10 Off $10 at Office Depot's Copy Center

Office Depot currently has a coupon available for $10 off a $10 or more purchase in the Office Depot copy center. This coupon can be used on tons of stuff including:
Includes full-service copies, binding & laminating, posters, signs & banners, business cards & stationery, custom stamps, promotional products,
passport/ID photos, digital photo prints/products, shredding and more.

This coupon expires on February 14, 2012.

Free Paper Towel at Target

Head over to Target's coupons and print out the new coupon for $1 off Up & Up paper towels. The coupon doesn't specify a size so it can be used on the individual rolls which are normally $1.

Free Firecracker Chicken Meal at Panda Express

Like Panda Express on Facebook and you can print out a coupon that's good for one free Firecracker Chicken meal valid only on Monday, January 23, 2012. There is also a coupon for buy one/get one free valid from January 24, 2012 until February 14, 2012.

25% Back on Almost All Purchases at Staples

Here is a great coupon for 25% back in rewards on storewide purchases at Staples. While it says storewide, there are a few exclusions. This coupon is good through January 25, 2012. There are no limits. I'm not sure how often you go shopping at Staples but make sure you bring a coupon every time you go shopping for the next few days.

Since this coupon will put the money in your reward account, you will have to lay out the money and the reward will only be valid at Staples.

Not valid on desktop or laptop computers, tablets, netbooks, Beats Audio™, Amazon Kindle®, NOOK®, Epson ink and toner, custom printing orders placed online, gift cards, cell phones and cell phone services, Staples® EasyTech(sm) professional-grade and on-site services, depot repair and parts, phone cards, postage stamps.

Cheap Welcome Home Banner for Families of Soldiers (Free + Shipping)

Since my friend deployed, I have been following his platoons Facebook page to stay up to date. Today they posted a deal from They are giving away 150,000 custom vinyl banners and jumbo cards for free. You just need to pay shipping which is about $15. The 3ft by 6ft banner is regularly priced at $38.21 so $15 after shipping seems like a good deal.

Free Fribble from Friendly's on Saturday

In my family when you say milkshake, you're most likely referring to the classic Fribble from Friendly's. To celebrate their 76th anniversary, Friendly's will be giving out free Fribbles this Saturday, January 21, 2012, from 12-5pm. You can choose from chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry.

Free Small Popcorn at AMC with Purchase of Red Tails Ticket

This is an interesting coupon. Bring your Red Tails ticket stub along with the printed coupon to the concession stand to get a free small popcorn at AMC. The coupon is only valid for the opening weekend of January 20-22, 2012.

Possible $5 for $20 to (Otherwise $10)

A new deal site has popped up and they are offering a great deal for all you fans. Groupalicious is currently offering a promotion for Buy a $20 voucher for only $10. If you place your order through their new shortcut,, you'll get free shipping.

When you sign up through a referral link, you'll get $5 just for signing up. That means this deal will only cost $5 for a $20 voucher.

Possible Free Coke Zero With Coupon

Make sure you like Coca-Cola Zero on Facebook because they currently have a coupon for $0.99 off any Coca-Cola Zero product. Coke products are always going on sale but you might also find smaller bottles for $1 making this deal really good depending on the store. If a store doubles coupons, you are potentially looking at free soda.

Source: Coupon Cravings

Get $75 to Vistaprint for $35 (Including Shipping) Or $10 for $50 (No Shipping)

Today on Living Social, you can get a $50 voucher to Vistaprint for only $10. If you've never made a purchase on Living Social before, you'll get a $5 credit on your first deal which makes this only $5 for the $50 voucher.

Shipping is not included in your voucher and the voucher cannot be used for shipping. Last time I bought a similar voucher the shipping reached about $19 for the $50 worth of products.

Here's the best way to take advantage of this deal. Spend an extra $25 ($75 total) on Vistaprint and your shipping will be free. That means for the $10 voucher and $25 for shipping ($35 total), you'll get $75 worth of products from Vistaprint. You can add all the free items and they will be included in this free shipping.

To find the deal, just change your city to Minneapolis to find this deal. Remember, deals on social shopping sites are only around for a limited time and then change.

Limit one per person 
 • Limit one transaction per mailing address • Orders must be redeemed at • Valid for 30% off list price of all products side-wide; if purchaser spends more than $25 beyond voucher value, purchaser will receive free 14-day shipping 
• Tax and shipping not included 
• Voucher cannot be combined with other discounts • Other conditions apply • PAID VALUE DOES NOT EXPIRE • PROMOTIONAL VALUE EXPIRES ON April 21, 2012

Stop the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA)

Edit: I have removed the black out java script but no new posts will come on until after midnight. I'm not sure if these blackouts across the web will sway the house, but it made an impact on the people.

Making Cents of It is participating in a 24 hour black out following the lead of Wikipedia and other major websites across the country. If the house passes SOPA and the senate passes PIPA, this is what our internet will look like in America. Avoid the internet for the next 24 hours and contact your representative to let them know you're against SOPA and PIPA.

You can find your local congressperson on and your local senator on Send them a quick email or call their office. Make sure they know that these laws are too intrusive and will deny their constitutes the rights given to them by the first amendment.

What is SOPA?

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA, H.R. 3261) is on the surface a bill that attempts to curb online piracy. Sadly, the proposed way it goes about doing this would devastate the online economy and the overall freedom of the web. It would particularly affect sites with heavy user generated content. Sites like Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, and others may cease to exist in their current form if this bill is passed.
What is PIPA?

The Protect IP Act (PIPA, S. 968) is SOPA's twin in the Senate. Under current DMCA law, if a user uploads a copyrighted movie to sites like Youtube, the site isn't held accountable so long as they provide a way to report user infringement. The user who uploaded the movie is held accountable for their actions, not the site. PIPA would change that - it would place the blame on the site itself, and would also provide a way for copyright holders to seize the site's domain in extreme circumstances.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation laid out four excellent points as to why the bills are not only dangerous, but are also not effective for what they are trying to accomplish:

The blacklist bills are expensive. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that PIPA alone would cost the taxpayers at least $47 million over 5 years, and could cost the private sector many times more. Those costs would be carried mostly by the tech industry, hampering growth and innovation.
The blacklist bills silence legitimate speech. Rightsholders, ISPs, or the government could shut down sites with accusations of infringement, and without real due process.
The blacklist bills are bad for the architecture of the Internet. But don't take our word for it: see the open letters that dozens of the Internet's concerned creators have submitted to Congress about the impact the bills would have on the security of the web.
The blacklist bills won't stop online piracy. The tools these bills would grant rightsholders are like chainsaws in an operating room: they do a lot of damage, and they aren't very effective in the first place. The filtering methods might dissuade casual users, but they would be trivial for dedicated and technically savvy users to circumvent.

Help Your Local Schools with Labels for Education

Remember when you were in school and your teacher's had everything they needed to help you learn? These days budget cuts are forcing teachers to spend their own money if they want to do anything in the classroom.

Help out your local teachers by liking Labels for Education on Facebook and selecting your local school to earn bonus points. Each school is allowed 250 bonus points (5 people) so if your local school is already at their max, just select a different school and share the love.

$10 for $20 to

Tippr is currently offering a promotion for Buy a $20 voucher for only $10. If you place your order through their new shortcut,, you'll get free shipping.

Free Breathe Right

This might not be a new offer, but I saw a commercial this morning for a free sample of Breathe Right. Head offer and request your sample to see if Breathe Right can help you get a good sleep without drugs.

Happy 83rd Birthday Martin Luther King Jr.

It's been almost 50 years since Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous speech but his words still ring true. If you are enjoying today off from work or school make sure you spend it doing something productive. Across the country, people are keeping King's idea:
Life's most persistent and urgent question is: "What are you doing for others?"
Check out to find a service project near you.

Free and Cheap Office Supplies from Staples

I already posted about the free business cards but I was looking through the Staples flier and realized there were a few more really good deals.
  • Avery® 8160 White Inkjet Address Labels with Easy Peel - Free after $9.99 easy rebate
  • Staples #10 White Envelopes, 500/pk - $3
  • McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2012 (1-User) - Free after $30 easy rebate
  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (1-User) - Free after $50 easy rebate
  • Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2012 (1-User) - Free after $50 easy rebate

All these items can be purchased in store or online. Shipping is currently free online so if you are shopping online use eBates (2% back) or Shop at Home (2.5% back) to save even more money.

Our First Prize was Redeemed

Did you know that you can earn rewards from Making Cents of It? Since June, readers have been earning points for interacting with Making Cents of It. I received an email today saying that one of my readers redeemed the first prize.

If you're not already earning points, it's really easy. Just click the reward icon on the top left of the site to get started. For more information, check out the How Our Loyalty Program Works post from July.

Thank you to PunchTab for providing my readers with great prizes.

Possible Moneymaking Deal on Brita Pitchers

Back in September, I posted about some great rebates on Brita products; $10 back on a Brita Pitcher or $5 back on a Brita Bottle. You can also take the Filter for Good pledge, which I have mentioned before, and you'll get a coupon good for $5 off a Brita system.

The rebates and coupon are still available so now might be a great time to head over to CVS and buy a Brita pitcher. The six cup pitcher is $14.99 with $5 back in extra care bucks. Use the $5 coupon and $10 mail in rebate to make your final price a money making deal of $5.01.

100 Free Business Cards at Staples After Rewards

Starting tomorrow (January 15, 2012), the weekly flier for Staples has a great deal on business cards. Buy 100 business cards and you'll get 100% back in your reward account. This deal will work for both black and white or color cards. The black and white cards will be cheaper out of pocket but they'll both be free after the reward.

Free Screening of Act of Valor (Select Cities)

Act of Valor is a new movie that's based on true stories from members of the military. You can see the film before anyone else and see it for free.

At the time of this posting, the cities below still have free passes to an early screening of Act of Valor. Dates and times vary so if you see your city listed, check it out.
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Boston, MA
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Chicago, IL
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Denver, CO
  • Detroit, MI
  • Garland, TX
  • Grapevine, TX
  • Harrisburg, PA
  • Hollywood, FL
  • Independence, MO
  • Kansas City, KS
  • Mesa, AZ
  • Miami, FL
  • Nashville, TN
  • Orlando, FL
  • St. Louis, MO
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Springfield, MO

Mobile Coupon for $2 Zap Pack at Regal Theaters

Regal theaters has a great mobile coupon available this week on their Facebook page. Head over and enter your phone number to get a text message for a $2 zap pack at Regal Theaters. The text message will have a link to an individual one time use barcode. The coupon is good until January 15, 2012.

If you've never bought a zap pack, it's designed for kids but anyone can buy it. Normally around $5-6, this product includes a small popcorn and small soda which is perfect to enjoy the movie without spending $20 at the concession stand. I recommend saying no ice in the soda. It's cold out of the fountain, and you'll get more because they cup won't be packed with ice.

Make sure you enter your cell phone number on their Facebook page before heading out to the theater because you can't do it from the Facebook app.

Sponsored: Walgreens and Express Scripts No Longer Partnering

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Look at your prescription coverage card.  Does it say Express Scripts?  If it does, you will no longer be able to fill your prescriptions at Walgreens. Walgreens and Express Scripts have ended discussions to renew a partnership which provides card holders with the convince of Walgreens 24 hour pharmacies and drive-thru services.

For customers that want to continue using Walgreens for their pharmacy needs, or for people that don't have insurance at all, Walgreens is offering a discount on the Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens.  This program will help you save money on prescriptions for everyone in your family, including your pets.  That's right pets.  When I searched the website, I couldn't find information about pet prescriptions at Walgreens, but the family plan specifically says pets.  I suggest you ask the pharmacist next time you're in Walgreens.

Of course Walgreens is upset for their bottom line, but they are also upset because they can no longer provide their great services to families of the US military.  Express Scripts is the prescription provider for Tricare which provides our military members and their families.

If you are currently a Walgreens customer and now have to switch because of Express Scripts dropping them, how do you feel?  Walgreens wants you to speak up.  Use your social networking power to voice your opinions.

Make sure you are following Walgreens on Twitter and Walgreens on Facebook for the most up to date information regarding this situation.
Visit Sponsor's Site

Sponsored: Pimp My Cube

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Contest Factory for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you spend your days working at a small desk surrounded by fake walls, you might be interested in this exciting opportunity for a cubicle makeover.  Check out the Pimp My Cube Contest to enter your cube/office/workspace for a makeover.

To enter the contest, you need to create a short video showing your space and how pathetic it is.  They're looking for the horrible work spaces and why you are desperate for a makeover.  The funnier, the better because this contest will be judged by the public.


Prize is to update your office/workspace/cube with one of three prize packages:

o New high end computer system
o New Desk, Chair and Decorations
o New Entertainment Package with high end stereo, espresso machine etc.

The winner will be the video with the most votes so make sure you tell all your friends and family to vote.  If you don't win, there will be a second chance contest for a $200 gift card which will be given at random to one registered entry.


Check out this video and make sure you enter before it's too late.  The contest period is now open but will end on January 31, 2012 at 12 PM (not sure which time zone).

Visit Sponsor's Site

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast 3D

It's a tale as old as time. Sorry, I couldn't help myself but Beauty and the Beast is coming back to theaters for a limited 3D engagement.

Since Beauty and the Beast itself is an old film, I'm not going to go into details about the story line or characters. I am only going to be speaking about the updates.  The 3D was impressive at parts and seeing Beauty and the Beast really brought back some childhood memories.

My favorite scene was Be Our Guest where the 3D really showed its magic as the dishes danced. They also did a good job with making the sound 3D. When characters were closer to the audience their voices slightly changed. This was most evident during Gaston when they were dancing around the lodge.

I was really hoping to see To Be Human Again which was a song added to the broadway musical and later added to a special release of the film but unfortunately they did not add it to this release. The 3D special release is the original film made 3D but no additional changes. For many parts, it appeared they just took the film's layers and pulled them slightly apart.

My personal opinion is that this would be a fun movie to see in theaters, but go to a matinee or use a promotional ticket. I don't think paying full 3D prices are worth it to see a film that you can rent or own. I'd rather pay for a new movie instead of seeing the same film again.

An added bonus to seeing the film in the theater is a new short staring the characters of Tangled. I never actually saw Tangled, but Tangled Ever After was really funny.

Beauty and the Beast will be released nation wide on January 13, 2012. Check your local theater's Facebook page before you go because there are a few coupons available for the concession stands.

Movie Rating for Beauty and the Beast

The passes for this pre-screening were won through Cinemit. Follow their Facebook page to attend free screenings near you. Check out my information post for more information about free movie screenings.

Mamapedia Deal Will Help You Find a Job at Home

Mamapedia is offering an interesting deal today. For $15, you'll get a three month membership to Flexjobs. Flexjobs is an employment website that pre-screens all job postings to protect you from scams. This makes finding a stay at home job easy because most of the normal job postings are scams.

Find professional jobs that also allow you the flexibility to juggle your family with a three-month membership at FlexJobs. You’ll find thousands of legitimate, hand-screened jobs—including telecommuting, part-time and flextime, and freelance opportunities—quickly, easily, and safely. With over 50 career categories ranging from entry-level to executive, you’re sure to find a suitable position at FlexJobs. You’ll also have full access to expert skill testing, job hunting tips, and special member discounts and savings. Get the job of your dreams, without sacrificing what’s most important!

If you need extra money but don't really have the time to go work, this might be a great deal to look at. Some of the part time jobs from home would allow you to earn money while sitting on the couch at your computer. I have a friend that made money during college by reviewing websites. I'm not positive what was involved but I know she got paid for it.

Free 12 Pack of Cafe Escape K-Cups

Hurry over to Green Mountain Coffee's Facebook page to try and get a free box of 12 k-cups from Cafe Escape. The page is loading really slow and I haven't been able to get through yet. Good luck!

20% Off Replay Watch and Step Pedometers

S2H wants to help motivate you to keep your new year resolutions. Using the promotional code S2H12 you will get 20% off your entire purchase. You can buy the Replay watch which gives you points for every two hours of motion or the Step pedometer which gives you points for every 10,000 steps. Redeem your points for some great prizes that include gift cards to major retailers.

For more information about S2H, refer to my original review of the Replay watch. I do not own the Step to review, but I think I'm going to buy one with this 20% discount.

Free Passes to See Man on a Ledge (Select Cities)

Man on a Ledge is the upcoming movie staring. Head over to their website because there is a link on the top right corner for free screenings in a few major cities. The following screenings are listed but I don't know the time or if tickets remain.
  • Los Angeles, CA - January 10, 2012
  • Chicago, IL - January 11, 2012
  • Dallas, TX - January 11, 2012
  • San Francisco, CA - January 11, 2012
  • Denver, CO - January 11, 2012
  • Seattle, WA - January 11, 2012
  • Minneapolis, MN - January 11, 2012

Check out my information post for more information about free movie screenings.

5 Free Points on Disney Movie Rewards

There is a new promotional code for Disney Movie Rewards. Just enter the code LKFJDAL838O to have five points added to your account.

Buy One/Get One Sale on Broadway Tickets

In a repeat from last year, NYCgo is once again running a buy one/get one free tickets for select broadway shows. As part of Broadway week, January 17-February 4, 2012, the following shows will be offering this great promotion. Just use the promotional code BW2012.

  • Anything Goes
  • Chicago
  • Chinglish
  • The Cershwins' Porgy and Bess
  • Godspell
  • Jersey Boys
  • The Lion King
  • Mamma Mia
  • Mary Poppins
  • Memphis
  • On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Priscilla Queen of the Desert
  • Relatively Speaking
  • The Road to Mecca
  • Rock of Ages
  • Seminar
  • Sister Act
  • Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
  • Stick Fly
  • Wicked

Some of the shows have blackout times and days so check out the individual show's details on NYCgo.

Upcoming Deals at Staples

I just checked the preview for next week (January 8-14, 2012) at Staples and they are having a few more 100% back in rewards on some items.

Avery binders - $6.99-$32.99
Staples portable file boxes - $11.99-$13.99
100% recycled banker box - $19.99

They also have a bunch of stuff for $1-3 but nothing the really screamed "deal" to be.

Last, the triple recycling rewards will continue on HP ink so you still have time for that deal. Just spend at least $49 on HP ink, and you'll get $6 in rewards for each empty cartridge you recycle.

Two Boxes of Checks for Under $5 Shipped

If you're like me, you don't write tons of checks. Everything these days is digital but still once in a while I find myself needing to write a check. Check out 4Checks because they are running a great deal right now. Use the promotional code DE0478 to get two boxes, including shipping, for $4.05.

Save even more money when you make your purchase through Shop at Home (15% back) or eBates (12.5% back).

Source: Slick Deals

Just a Laugh: 2 Broke Girls Use Coupons

2 Broke Girls is a great new show about a former trustfund baby that finds herself working as a waitress after her father goes to prison for fraud and the family money is seized by the government. In this weeks episode, Carolyn learns the amazing world of couponing.

Scroll to around 2:05 to see the funny part involving coupons.

Free Admission to the National Parks 2012 Edition

The U.S. National Park Service has announced the dates for 2012's free entrance days in the national parks. This deal is only for national parks and will not be valid at state parks.
  • January 14-16 - Martin Luther King Jr. weekend
  • April 21-29 - National Park Week
  • June 9 - Get Outdoors Day
  • September 29 - National Public Lands Day
  • November 10-12 - Veterans Day weekend

The first date is next weekend so have some fun. I have already scheduled reminder posts a week before each date.
*Fee waiver includes: entrance fees, commercial tour fees, and transportation entrance fees. Other fees such as reservation, camping, tours, concession and fees collected by third parties are not included unless stated otherwise.

Have You Joined Fab Yet?

Fab is another in a long line of "member only" websites that offer limited time sales. They have tons of sales running at all times so I recommend getting your free membership. This way you will stay in the loop when a great deal becomes available.

Free 4-Pack of Sugar Free Red Bull

When you allow Red Bull to post on your behalf on Facebook and/or Twitter, you'll get a free 4-pack of sugar free Red Bull. The site is loading really slow so be patient.
If we band together, we can beat excuses and keep our New Year’s resolutions. Strength comes in numbers after all. And we support you all the way. That’s why every Resolutionary gets a Red Bull Sugarfree 4-Pack on us.

$5 off $25 at Staples

There is currently a coupon available for $5 off a $25 purchase at Staples. The coupon will expire on January 7, 2012.

Please note that while you can use this coupon along with the 100% back deals but it will not become a money maker. The coupon will lower your out of pocket cost, but it will also lower the reward money. You can double check with Staples but this is what I have been told, and seen happen, in the past.

20 Free Photos from Target

Head over to and print out the coupon for $2 off 20 4"x6" photos. The photos are currently on sale for $0.10 each which makes the coupon good for 20 free photos.

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