Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast 3D


It's a tale as old as time. Sorry, I couldn't help myself but Beauty and the Beast is coming back to theaters for a limited 3D engagement.

Since Beauty and the Beast itself is an old film, I'm not going to go into details about the story line or characters. I am only going to be speaking about the updates.  The 3D was impressive at parts and seeing Beauty and the Beast really brought back some childhood memories.

My favorite scene was Be Our Guest where the 3D really showed its magic as the dishes danced. They also did a good job with making the sound 3D. When characters were closer to the audience their voices slightly changed. This was most evident during Gaston when they were dancing around the lodge.

I was really hoping to see To Be Human Again which was a song added to the broadway musical and later added to a special release of the film but unfortunately they did not add it to this release. The 3D special release is the original film made 3D but no additional changes. For many parts, it appeared they just took the film's layers and pulled them slightly apart.

My personal opinion is that this would be a fun movie to see in theaters, but go to a matinee or use a promotional ticket. I don't think paying full 3D prices are worth it to see a film that you can rent or own. I'd rather pay for a new movie instead of seeing the same film again.

An added bonus to seeing the film in the theater is a new short staring the characters of Tangled. I never actually saw Tangled, but Tangled Ever After was really funny.

Beauty and the Beast will be released nation wide on January 13, 2012. Check your local theater's Facebook page before you go because there are a few coupons available for the concession stands.

Movie Rating for Beauty and the Beast

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