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If you're looking for online degrees, I have another school to tell you about. Check out WaldenU.edu for online degrees.

Walden University's online degree programs offer a variety of choices from Bachelor through Ph.D. I'm currently looking for a graduate program and I thought their selection was interesting.  They offer a ton of education degrees and because it's online, I can do the work when I have time and not be forced into their schedule.

Tuition is different depending on which program you enroll in. The graduate degrees will cost around $700 per credit and include your textbooks. In-state tuition at my local university is $500 and out of state tuition is $600, but doesn't include textbooks. So I think the cost would really even out with the out of state tuition and include the advantage of being online.

I am persoanlly going to continue to compare programs and costs to find the best degree for me but I wanted to let you all know that Walden University was out there. You can learn about Walden on their website and see if they have what you are interested in.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post for Walden University through Blogsvertise. All opinions are 100% mine.


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