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If you're like me, you have an addiction to coffee. WKYC is an NBC affiliate and they have a segment about saving money. A recent segment that has been circulating the internet includes the top 10 ways to save money at Starbucks.

I have mentioned a few of these steps before but there are some interesting ones I haven't thought about before.

First of all, two of the tips are basically my number one Starbucks tip. Buy a gift card and register it online. You will get free upgrades, free refills (basic coffee and tea only), and more. You'll also earn free drinks.

#3 "Make friends with the free condiments!" You can easily save yourself a dollar almost every time by doing a few seconds of dirty work yourself. Instead of getting a latté, order two shots of espresso and then pour in your own milk. It's waiting for you right there on the condiment stand and cheaper if you do it yourself.
I've done this once or twice but I often forget about it. Order a shot or two of espresso but ask for a larger cup. Add milk and you have a cheap latte.

#10 Don't buy Starbucks Cards from Starbucks. I'm constantly on the lookout at sites like and I've signed up for their newsletters and they often have Starbucks Cards at 15% - 30% less.
I've also found Starbucks giftcards a few times on sites social shopping site. You can register multiple cards online and just transfer the balance to your main card.

Read the full article and watch the segment clip at WKYC.


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