Shared Reading: Movie Ticket Prices Continue To Go Up Despite Shrinking Audiences


Gofobo is a great source for free movie screenings, but did you know they had entertainment related news too? A recent article discusses the increasing movie ticket price and the resulting shrinking audiences.

It was less than 20 years ago that you could go to a movie theater, take a five dollar bill out of your wallet and go to a movie. Albeit not adjusted for inflation, the average ticket price in 1998 was $4.69 and today that number has gone up to an estimated $7.97.
Even when you count for inflation, ticket prices have continued to rise. The values below are estimates and I used an inflation calculator to find the current value.


Actual Cost

Value in 2011













The biggest factor at the moment of course, is 3D, but Hollywood seems to disagree about how the new technology should affect consumers' wallets going forward. At this year's San Diego Comic Con directors Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, who were there promoting The Adventures of Tintin, said that they are hoping to see a day where the price to see 3D movies will be the same as 2D and those willing to strap on the glasses won't have to pay an additional $4.
Since 3D technology has reached mainstream, I don't think I've seen too many movies worth the extra money. I think Avatar and Transformers 3 were the exception to the rule. I like that major directors are hoping to see the prices even out, but I really hope it doesn't happen by raising the 2D cost.

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