Movie Review: One Day


My mother and sister were around today so we decided to see a movie as a family. While I'm not a fan of romantic films, I was outvoted and we ended up seeing One Day.

Based on the book One Day by David Nicholls, One Day takes place over twenty years. Each year, we meet up with the two main characters on the same date. I thought the story telling was amazing. How we only see the characters once a year but can still determine what was going on throughout the year was well written and displayed on screen.

The acting was well done and I loved how their hair styles and clothing changed with each passing year. I can only imagine what I would look like if I was to create a slideshow of annual styles over twenty years. I wasn't thrilled with Anne Hathaway's British accent but it wasn't terrible. I honestly think the reason I didn't like it was because I watch a lot of BBC and hear authentic accents on television. The people I went with didn't find anything wrong with the accent. My sister has read the book and she mentioned how true to the book the film was.

Movie Rating for One Day


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