Why You Can't Always Trust the Advertising


How often have you made a purchased based on the advertising? I recently found this great video on YouTube. It is a re-edited trailer/music video for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. All the clips come directly from the film, but add some club beats and suddenly it seems like a completely different movie. If I had seen this new trailer without knowing anything about Harry Potter, like that's possible, I would have had completely different thoughts about the film. You can still tell there is an element of magic, but now it appears to be a romantic comedy.

So what do you think about how advertising changes the view of a product? What do you think about the remixed trailer? Leave a comment below.

Don't forget that Pottermore will be opening for beta on July 31, 2011 and the public in October. The beta testing will be for one million people. They haven't announced if it will be the first million or if there will be some kind of contest. Good luck!


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