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Recently I have thought about sites I mentioned months ago which might have gotten lost in the shuffle of things. I am going to begin reposting sites that I truly enjoy using when it comes to saving money. This repost is about the different social shopping websites.

As I have been writing my informational posts about different websites that help you save money, I realized that I was beginning to repeat myself. Therefore, I have decided to create one post regarding the different social shopping programs.

What is social shopping? Social shopping is a popular trend where companies offer discounts when multiple people participate. As long as the minimum specified amount of people sign up for the offer, you will get it. Companies are able to offer consumers these great deals because they guarantee the businesses a minimum number of customers. These deals range from restaurants, to shopping experiences, to spa treatments, and more. Currently these programs tend to offer deals in metropolitan areas, however more deals are beginning to appear for online services and multiple locations.

Here are a few of the social shopping programs currently available.  I will continue to update this list as I learn and research of other companies.

I would also like to tell you about a site that combines all the other social shopping websites. Yipit acts like a search engine of the other social shopping sites that allows you to see all available deals for an area. You can sign up for emails in specific categories and Yipit will let you know when deals become available that might interest you.  The nice thing is besides the major sites, Yipit will also check local newspapers and radio stations that offer daily deals.


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