Repost: Hidden Secrets of Broadway


Recently I have thought about sites I mentioned months ago which might have gotten lost in the shuffle of things. I am going to begin reposting sites that I truly enjoy using when it comes to saving money. This repost is about the hidden secrets of Broadway.

My title might be slightly off when I call these hidden secrets, because this is in fact public information. The reason I call them hidden is because many people, even native New Yorkers, don't know about them.

If you are willing to wait until the day of a show, you will often find the tickets for half price or less.  While this makes it more difficult to plan your vacation with the risk of a show you want being sold out, it also helps to save you money if you're flexible.

When Rent first came out, they always reserved the first two rows until a few hours before showtime when they would sell the tickets for $20.  Thanks to it's popularity, other Broadway shows have embraced similar ideas.  Playbill keeps a current list of shows that offer deals, student rush, and standing room only seating.  Many of these shows offer tickets for under $30.

Another option for discounted Broadway shows is the TDF TKTS Booth which sells tickets for 25-50% off same day shows. If you do go to the TKTS booth, don't be tempted to buy tickets from the people walking through the lines. There are always people trying to scam tourists waiting in line with the hard to get tickets. If you didn't buy it from the booth or boxoffice, there is a good chance they are fake and you won't get in.


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