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I love going to the movies, but how often have you walked out of a movie theater and felt that you wasted your time and money?  For now on when I see a pre-screening of a movie, or go during the first few days of release, I will post a review.  These reviews will be completely my thoughts so please remember that I am not an expert on films no matter how much movie trivia I know and your opinion might differ from mine. Feel free to leave comments on the reviews if you've seen the movie.

Since the whole point of Making Cents of It is saving money, my rating system will be based on the cost of a movie. Please refer to the following chart to understand my ratings.

3D Glasses
This image will only be used if I saw the film in 3D and felt it was worth the extra charge.

4 Stars
Must see as soon as possible. I feel this film was great and worth every penny.

3 Stars
See it in the theater, but wait until you can get a discount. Either go to the matinee show or wait until the film has been out long enough to use one of the discount passes purchased through deal sites (normally restricts opening weekend tickets).

2 stars
Wait until it comes out on DVD and rent it. It was alright but I wouldn't spend the money driving to the theater and buying a ticket.

1 star
I'd watch it if it was free or on television but I wouldn't spend money on it.

Check out my original post for more information regarding free movie screenings.


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