How to Get In Pottermore Beta Testing


Until today, all we knew about Pottermore was that one million lucky fans would be invited in for beta testing. Now I am very excited that I managed to enter the beta testing on day one, and I have more information for all of you on how to get in. The access isn't immediate and users that successfully registered will receive an email when their access is granted. This is being done to prevent an overload on the system.

For seven days (day one is already over) a clue will be placed on the Pottermore homepage to find the magical quill. Each day the clue will relate to one of the books.
  • July 31: Philosopher/Sorcerer's Stone
  • August 1: Chamber of Secrets
  • August 2: Prisoner of Azkaban
  • August 3: Goblet of Fire
  • August 4: Order of the Phoenix
  • August 5: Half-Blood Prince
  • August 6: Deathly Hallows

To find The Magical Quill, you need to solve the clue and add the answer to the end of the web address This will lead you to a website where The Magical Quill will be located while early access places are available.


Clue: How many books are there in the Harry Potter series? Multiply this number by 10.

Answer: 70

Next, add this number to the end of the website address. In this case it would be

The hardest part is going to be the timing on the clues. The first clue was posted at 4:00am (EST) which was 9:00am in London. They aren't announcing the when for the clues so you have to be lucky with the timing. Keep an eye on Twitter for the hashtag #pottermore because fans are really helping each other out.


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