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We all love going to the movies but prices are skyrocketing.  So how can you still enjoy an evening out?  Go for free.  Not only is it possible to see movies for free at the theater, you can even see the movies a few days before the national release.

Movie studios team up with local companies to build up the word of mouth advertising about new releases.  To do this, they invite people to see the movie early. As these screenings are gaining popularity, it is getting harder to obtain passes, but below are websites and tips to help you see free movies.

Gofobo - This is the site that most of the companies will use to distribute the tickets so sign-up for your free account today.  The tricky part is finding the RSVP codes that most screenings require.  Any movie listed as a "private screening" means that local companies are giving away codes.  Type the code in and you should be able to get a pass.  Some radio stations will give the codes out on their Facebook page or as a prize for a contest.  Every sponsor can choose how to pass out their allotted tickets.  If the movie is listed as a "public screening" it means that Gofobo is handing out tickets without requiring a code.  Create your account in advance because often when you find a code, the passes will be distributed within minutes if it's a popular film.

43Kix - 43Kix is often giving passes out on their Facebook pages.  Just like the correct city and you're on your way to free movies. 43Kix is one of the websites that will release codes for Gofobo.

Cinemit - Cinemit is another site that offers passes.  They don't have as many cities listed and they are all filtered in one RSS feed so it's a little tricker to find your local theaters.  The nice thing is they have a message board where movie fans can share additional RSVP codes or trade passes.  They also help connect individual movie goers.

Make New Friends - The more screenings I attend, the more I notice the same people all the time. Be friendly with these people because they will often give you a heads up for the upcoming screenings. Additionally, most screening passes are for you plus a guest. If you have two passes but your friends are busy that night, offer the second ticket to someone on a message board (I use Cinemit).  They'll meet you at the theater and hopefully exchange the favor when they have an extra pass to a different screening. The theaters are always crowded and you don't actually have to sit with the person once you get through the ticket line, so it is safe to meet this way.

News Sources - Check out your local radio stations and newspapers because they will often have RSVP codes as well. Following these sources on Facebook and Twitter to find out about passes. You don't always have to listen to a station to win tickets through them, but it can help if it's a call in contest. My local newspaper has published codes hidden within the regular movie pages in the Sunday paper. Your paper might be different.

Get There Early - When you buy a movie ticket, you are guaranteed a seat. This is not always true for free screenings. While you need a pass to get in, they often have more passes than seats. This is for a number of reasons. First off, they want to make sure it's a full house. Nothing looks better for PR than a huge line before a film and a huge crowd leaving after a film. Secondly, some people aren't honest and will duplicate their passes or sneak extra people in. The companies running the screenings work hard to prevent the second one from happening but it does. Unless you have a front of the line pass (some radio stations offer these) I recommend arriving at least an hour before the movie. Two hours early for a predicted blockbuster. People were lining up at 8am for a 7:30pm screening of Harry Potter last year but that's not really necessary.

Last Updated: July 29, 2012


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