Get $50 When You Open an ING Direct Checking Account


ING Direct is one of the few banks left that don't charge tons of fees. To celebrate, they are currently offering a $50 bonus when you sign-up for a new checking account. You don't have to make a minimum deposit but you will have to use your new debit card at least three times in the first 45 days. To see the $50 promotion, you might have to click the logo in the top left corner to see the slide show with current promotions. It's listed as checking.

Besides not having fees, ING Direct also offers interest on their accounts. You won't get rich from the interest but it's something that most banks don't offer on checking accounts anymore.

I personally have been using ING Direct for almost two years and I have never paid a penny in fees. Their interest rates are competitive and they offer a variety of accounts for every customer.

I did read recently about ING Direct being acquired by Capital One so I'm not sure how it will effect the bank. Most people love ING Direct but dislike Capital One so we'll all just have to see how the sale will change things.


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