Possible Free Whopper at Burger King from Directv


There is a rumor circulating the internet that anyone with Directv can flip to channel 111 and watch an interactive Burger King ad. After five minutes, you'll be able to get a coupon for a free whopper. After fifteen minutes, you can get three free whoppers. The coupons will be mailed to your billing address and you need your phone line hooked into the cable box.

I don't have Directv and I can't find this deal online from with Burger King or Directv so I can't verify this promotion. If you have Directv, please leave a comment if you have flipped to channel 111 and it works. Thank you!

Source: dealspl

Confirmed: Jennifer (On the Making Cents of It Facebook Page) Says...
I did this earlier...(it made me very hungry!) but you watch for 5 min and get 1 coupon, you then watch for 10 more min and get another coupon..then finally you watch for another 15 min and you get the third. you have to have a phone line hooked to the your DTV box & you really have to watch the Whopper, because a box pops up several times, to see if your still watching and you have to press a key on the remote, a different key each time...I am thankful I didn't have Smell-o-Vision lol

Update: I finally found an official press release for the free Whopper at Burger King from Directv.


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