Blogger on Vacation


Until July 8, 2011, I will be away from home with limited internet connection. I am very excited because I have not taken a real vacation in a while and it will be a great time. For one week, I will be relaxing on the beach and participating in tons of water activities. The only downside is that I will not have a computer. I will also not be able to use my phone because I don't want to rack up international charges so I really will be cut off from technology.

While I'm gone, I have scheduled articles and site reviews to post but I will need your help to share the deals. This post will remain on the top of the site until I return from the trip. Please feel free to link directly to deals or to your own site's post regarding the deals. Remember, you'll get points for daily comments so there's an additional motivation to post comments and share deals.

When I get back, I will get right back to posting wonderful deals for everyone. Have a great week!


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