Happy Mother's Day


I am very fortunate to have a wonder mother. She is always there and supporting me in whatever I do. She even tells people about Making Cents of It when she is out shopping. So thank you mom for everything you do.

To honor our mothers, I thought I would share some interesting statistics. Every year, someone does the math to see how much a mother is really worth. While I say a mother is priceless, it seems that a price can really be placed on anything. When paid minimum wage for the work done around the house, a mother's annual salary should would around $61,436.
If you didn't have her, for example, you might have to spend $6,285 a year on transportation (taxi driver or chauffeur, priced at $13.43 an hour). For cleaning, you'd have to pay a maid or housekeeper $9.40 an hour, or $7,104 a year.

Source: ABC News


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