Free Credit on Skype (Up To 60 Minutes)


Ifeelgoods wants to build its fan base on Facebook. Just for liking them and letting them put one post on your wall, you'll get a free credit on Skype.

The credit is 1.17 EUR (about $1.60 USD) and will automatically convert to your currency. Depending on where you are calling, this promotion can get you up to 60 minutes of computer to phone conversations since international rates will vary.

Since they don't tell you how to redeem the promotional code, here are the steps.
  1. Enter your account (under Skype on top menu)
  2. Towards the bottom of the window you will see "Redeem voucher"
  3. Enter the code you got from Ifeelgoods
  4. Click that you agree to Skype's Terms of Service
  5. Click Redeem
  6. The credit will be added to your account within a few minutes.

Source: TipRadar


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