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The stock market in itself is a giant game of gambling. If you buy or sell stocks, you might have come across penny stocks once in a while. There are tons of websites dedicated to profiting off of them but they're not a sure thing. So what are the best penny stocks? Penny stocks normally cost only a few dollars at the most and are companies that are new to the stock exchange. These stocks have a fast turn over so don’t purchase them if you’re expecting to wait a few years before cashing out.

Lots of people enjoy buying and selling penny stocks because win or lose, they will show an immediate result to your investment. The downside is many broker websites change a “per trade” fee so you will end up spending more than you make. Find a broker that works on commission and they will be more likely to help you find the stocks that will actually make money. Logic says if you make money, they’ll make money.

For long term investments, speak with a broker but consider stocks like Apple, Coke, Disney, or other major companies that are considered safe investments. For more information on the stock market, check out this article by Rutgers: US stocks, which discusses current trends in the market.


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