Review: Truth Of Touch by Yanni


This is a review post written by me on behalf of Truth Of Touch by Yanni. All opinions are 100% mine.

Before I start my review of the album Truth Of Touch by Yanni, I just want to point out that while I do have a musical background and enjoy listening to performances, I am in no way an expert and don't want anyone to take my opinion as the absolute truth.

There is always something relaxing about instrumental music. Before you think to yourself that instrumental music only belongs in fancy elevators, I want you to strongly consider the possibilities of it. Instrumental music has fallen out of style but it will never disappear. Music, like any art, is timeless and will give each listener a different experience. I personally put instrumental music on in the background when I'm trying to focus on work because it keeps the room from silence which often distracts me. I also enjoy playing it while I'm reading because, again, it gives me that noise without the distractions of lyrics to focus on.

I had never heard of Yanni before this review offer popped up, but according to Wikipedia he's been around for a while and was even nominated for a few Grammy Awards in the 1990s. My overall opinion is that the album well written and enjoyable. I personally enjoy instrumental music but think that if you are a Top 40 type of person you won't find this album to be your style.

Based on the main instruments found throughout the tracks, I'd say the album had cultural influences from around the world. One track sounded Asian, one track sounded like Bollywood, and another track sounded like something out of Africa. The variety pulled together nicely and you could feel a common bond throughout the tracks. It sounded like the melody of some songs were played by a mallet percussion instrument. Seeing as Yanni is a pianist/keyboardist, I'd venture to say it was a keyboard set to the different sounds. Other tracks perfectly blended the instruments so that the melody passed through the orchestra without hesitation. I was surprised to hear a few tracks did have vocals. They fit nicely into the fold of the music but were not all in English.

I think that this type of music live would truly be an event which is why I want to include in this review that Yanni is currently touring the country. He has a sold out show next week at Radio City Music Hall in NY and below I have embedded a clip from a recent concert in Mexico. Watching him bounce around between all those keyboards (six) and the orchestra behind him is really amazing.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this CD through the One2One Network. I was asked to write an honest review and include information about the upcoming US tour. All opinions are 100% mine.


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