PSA: GiveBack Allows You to Create Your Own Foundation


I recently learned about a new website,, which allows you to create your own foundations. Therefore I would like to formally introduce you to Making Cents Goes the Extra Mile. While you can't currently set up a donation box for your selected charities, there is a reason I am posting this site on Making Cents of It. GiveBack is running a referral promotion right now called 100 Days of Giving. Each day during the promotion, one random person will win $1,000 for the charity of their choice. At the end, the highest referrer will earn $50,000 for their charity.

Similar to social network sites, you can "like" your favorite charities. Any money you donate or earn will go towards those charities and you have complete control. I can choose to split it evenly or let it all go towards one organization.  You can earn money through sponsored activities or using GiveBack instead of eBates or Shop at Home.

There is a huge page of FAQs but these two questions are the ones I think most people will be interested in so I will post them here. If you are interested in starting your own foundation, please use my GiveBack referral link for the purpose of the promotion.

What does it mean to have my own "personal foundation"?
GiveBack gives you a free, simple way to organize and manage your charitable giving. When you open an account at GiveBack, you're becoming part of the Give Back Foundation, a public charity that is registered with the IRS (EIN 26-2449481). Your account becomes your own personal foundation. You can accumulate dollars over time and when you're ready, give the money away to one charity or many.

What is the difference between a charity and a foundation?
A foundation, especially a GiveBack foundation, is different than a working charity. Think of your foundation as your charitable savings account. Your foundation account centralizes your charitable giving experience. Funds you deposit into your foundation account are immediately tax deductible. When you find a charity you want to give to, it's just a click away.

For the referral contest, every referral will earn impact points. At the end of the promotion, the person with the most points will win.

Disclaimer: Additionally, the One2One Network is sponsoring a separate giveaway where writing a blog post about the 100 Days of Giving promotion will enter me to hopefully win an additional $100 for my charities.


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