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I remember a friend of mine did this in high school for gas money and while I use to laugh at his car, which looked more like a sponsored race car than a high school student's car, I now see why people might be interested in such opportunities.  I personally will not do this, however I wanted my readers to know it was available.

There are companies out there that will hook up drivers with sponsors. They will pay for you to advertise on your car as a moving billboard. All you have to do is drive like you normally do and you'll get paid. You need a lot of confidence to pull this off because the logos will turn heads towards you. Some companies might even provide you with a free car.

My Free Car has two options depending on the advertiser that selects your profile. You might have your current vehicle wrapped in a digitally printed, high quality vinyl manufactured by 3M. Some advertisers will actually provide you with a free car. The link provided leads to their FAQ site to answer more questions you might have.

Drive Media Online is the other major company for connecting drivers with advertisers. They follow the same concept as My Free Car but seem to only offer the wraps and not free cars. The FAQs list compensation between $300 and $400 per month with advertisers offering between three and twenty-four months.

I only recently heard of this site, but Park at My House helps you rent out prime parking spaces. The site began in the UK but has expanded to the USA. If you have a reserved parking spot at home and live in an area where people pay to park, you can make some money renting out your spot. For example, I saw that someone near the local train station posted their driveway for $200 per month from 6am-5pm. They leave for work, someone parks, and when they get home their driveway is clear. Not a bad way to make an extra $200 for doing nothing. This site will really only help you if you live in an area where parking is hard or expensive.


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