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I haven't actually tested this program since I don't currently have any international phone calls to make, but the concept seems like something my readers might be interested in.

A new company, Freephone2phone allows you to make free ten minute international calls in return for listening to a short advertisement. The calls must originate from the United States but you can call anywhere. You'll only pay for a local call (or cell phone minutes).

A quick Google search led to some reviews of the company. Many of the reviews were written a few months ago and stated that you got five minutes but the website states ten so perhaps they've increased the talk time since the original reviews were posted. Every review consistently stated that you would hear warning beeps during the last thirty seconds before the call disconnected so you won't just disconnect without warning.

A blogger for the NY Times wrote:
I tried a couple of other international calls, my mind buzzing with the new paradigm that had suddenly opened. Frankly, I can’t see why anyone would ever use a calling card again; by the time you’ve fussed with typing in your authorization codes, you’ve spent more time to place a calling-card call than you would listening to a FreePhone2Phone ad.

Source: Lifehacker


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