Do You Follow Buzzbo?


You've seen me mention Gofobo before as a great site for getting free movie passes, but how about when you need those annoying RSVP codes? Buzzbo is one of the companies that often sponsor the free pre-screenings of movies. The last three movies I went to were thanks to Buzzbo in Philadelphia.

I follow their RSS feed and it always alerts me when movies are going to screen at local theaters. While I would love to always tell you all about screenings, there are just too many movie theaters across the country to post them all. Buzzbo allows you to keep tabs on your local city and stay in the know.

I will continue posting pre-screenings when multiple cities are listed, but this is just another way to see movies with the rising ticket costs. It's also fun to be one of the first to see the film. I saw Harry Potter 7: Part I before anyone else and trust me when I say my friends were all jealous.


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