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You've heard me talk about eBates but did you know they also have a blog? Tonight, March 3, 2011, is a Twitter party about traveling on a budget. To get you in the mood, here is a great article about saving while traveling.

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Travel In The Off Season. If you aren't restricted to Summer travel, you can save big by vacationing during the rest of the year. Prices on hotels and airfare drop dramatically after summer months and destinations are notably less crowded.
As a teacher, my vacations are limited to the most expensive travel dates, but if you are allowed to set your own vacations you can really save big. Another advantage to traveling on the off season is less crowds. Imagine going to Disney and being able to walk right on to the rides without waiting on lines and you will see another benefit to off season traveling.

Pack Light. With airlines charging for everything from a sandwich to Internet access, it's hard to avoid fees if you're not prepared. One of the biggest is checked bag fees.
I remember coming home from Florida once and my over-weight fees cost more than my flight. It's a scary thought but as these fees continue to increase, it's more important than ever to be careful about your luggage.

Take Public Transportation. While it doesn't always seem fun to take the bus or subway, it can be a cheap mode of transportation and a great way to see a city.
You can see a lot of a city by hoping on the public bus and looking out the window. Not only will you get a great view, but you'll also save money. In New York you can get an unlimited one day metro card for under $10, while a single taxi ride can cost twice that.

Read the whole article on eBate's blog.


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