Get a $25 Pre-Paid Mastercard for Trying Keurig in Your Office


This deal will only work if you are able to make decisions for your company's break room supplies. Keurig wants to give you a free three day trial of their office machine. Just for trying it, you will get a $25 pre-paid Mastercard. Since this trial is hoping that your business will purchase a machine, you must be responsible for purchases at work to try this deal.

I personally have a Keurig at home and I love it. It makes a perfect cup each time with no clean-up involved.

Once you experience the variety, ease and taste Keurig offers, you'll wonder why your office ever made coffee one pot at a time instead of one cup at a time. And the trial is completely free. Why wait?

To take advantage of this free trial, simply complete this form, and you will be contacted by a Keurig Authorized Distributor in your area who will provide you with a Keurig Commercial Brewing System along with free samples of our great tasting coffee, tea and hot cocoa to enjoy — with no obligation.

Once you set up the free trial, you will receive a *$25 American Express gift card from Keurig as a token of appreciation.


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