Thinking About a Vacation?


Are you planning a vacation? I am, and it got me think about a few things. Not the big things like airfare and hotels, since we're always sharing those tips already, but the smaller things like my electronics. When you spend money on a trip that includes such adventures like scuba diving or relaxations such as laying in the sand with a coconut and good book, you want to take along certain of your favorite items.

I have recently begun contacting companies to review some new vacation bound products for you all. Hopefully I will get some positive responses and be able to give you all a heads up on whether or not something is worth the money. For example, are you better off buying a few disposable waterproof cameras or a cheap digital one? Is there a good case to protect your Nook from the beach or are you better off using a ziploc bag? These are the type of questions I hope to answer for my readers.

If you have any items you want to protect, or items you're thinking of purchasing, send me an email with the product and the type of activities you'll be doing so I can help you do the research.  Logic seems that if you are thinking about it, someone else probably is too.


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