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We are the generation me. The college graduates that don't feel like minimum wage is worth our time. So how do we prove to companies we are as amazing as we think we are? Lifehacker has posted articles that talks about ways to talk yourself up when you really have no experience for the job or when your experience isn't enough for the job.

Make Your Experience Relevant
It's possible to focus on certain aspects of a position while still being honest. Think about what you did at your past and/or current job and concentrate on the days you enjoyed the most. Chances are there's at least one project that you worked on that has some relevance. On your resume, and in your interview, be sure to focus on that.
On my resume, being an intern at Disney doesn't say "worked in attractions" because it says things like "provided immediate guest service" and "interacted with thousands of people from around the world."

Get an Unpaid Internship
Seek out companies you'd want to work for and try to become an intern even if they've never had an intern before. Offer to work unpaid for 3-6 months and then push for a job as soon as you feel they can't live without you.
I know it's hard to work without getting paid but it really can help in the long run. Remember the old saying "It's not what you know, it's who you know." Just having the opportunity to network can make all the difference. Offer to work for free for the company on a trial basis and get a part time job somewhere to cover your expenses. Doing this over the summer during college is the best time to do it, but you can still do it if you're already out of school.

Make an Appointment and Go In
Finally, do whatever you can to get an in-person interview. Once you're in you need to think of your interview more like a first date. Be charming, be interesting, and be hopeful and idealistic. Smile often.
Even if they say all the interviews are scheduled, ask to come speak with them anyway in case a future job opens up. They get tons or resumes so sometimes you can't fully show them everything on a piece of paper. Make a good impression face to face and they'll remember you. Also, remember to always send a thank you letter after. The little touches really help them to remember you when it comes time to do the hiring.

Befriend the People That Actually Matter
I'd add that if you can't give a hiring manager your resume in person, do the next best thing: befriend their assistant, or any assistant at the company, or anyone at the company who can help you get your foot in the door.
I can still remember my mother's words when I got my first job. She told me to make sure I was friendly with the secretaries because they were the ones that could really help you out. The secretaries, or executive assistants, are the heart and soul of any business. They do the scheduling, filing, organizing, ordering, and everything else. If you are friendly with the assistant, the hiring manager might see your resume on the top of the pile.

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