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Do you need motivation to exercise? After seeing a news report about ways to motivate yourself, I decided to try a few. Please check out my introduction fitness post for a list of all these reviews. This is a personal review of the S2H Replay watch. All opinions are 100% mine.

Today's review is about the S2H Replay watch which monitors your exercise and rewards you with prizes like $5 gift cards to some popular stores. Save up your points and the larger rewards are even better. Sadly there is a catch. You must purchase a S2H Replay watch which retails for $19.95. I recently purchased one of these watches through a promotion on Mamapedia for only $10.

I was under a misconception that the watch monitored your heartrate, but after my first workout wearing it I can tell you that the watch has some kind of motion detector in it. It kind of sounded like a pedometer does when you shake it so I'm assuming something inside moves and sets off sensors.

The watch band is an elastic similar to those fundraiser bracelets. It comes in blue but additional colors can be purchased and the actual device is a small gray piece which can be moved easily from band to band. I purchased the large band and while it was a little difficult to get over my knuckles, it isn't tight once on my wrist and has moved up and down a little. The watch is not waterproof so if you tend to do a lot of swimming as exercise I don't recommend investing in the Replay. Additionally, since the sensor monitors motion it won't work if your arms stay still while exercising so things like yoga and weight training will not work. I did read somewhere that you can put it on your ankle so if you're riding a stationary bike, that might be an option if you can get it over your foot.

As you move, the bars fill up until the screen is full. Each bar requires three minutes of constant movement and you must fill up twenty bars to get a code, for a total of one hour (sixty minutes).  I didn't time the parts, but I did watch a full episode of NCIS while moving around so the hour does seem accurate.

After all twenty bars are filled the watch will reveal a code which you enter on the S2H website for sixty points. There is a limit of one code per day (worth 60 points) so even if you are playing a two hour game or something, you'll only be allowed to enter a single code. Also, the timer will not reset until you clear the code. Therefore you'll need to write the code down and clear the watch to continue allowing your activity to be timed. The rewards are really cool and $5 gift cards start at 900 points while 12,500 points can earn you a Nintendo Wii.  The gift cards are for lots of retailers with more being added as S2H gains more partners.

I think that if you move around a lot or need extra motivation, the S2H watch is a great investment with a massive return. However if the watch just sits on your dresser, you won't actually earn any rewards. Check out S2H website for more information about the watch and rewards.

Disclaimer: This review was not sponsored by S2H.  I purchased the watch to test it for my readers after hearing about it on television.  I did not receive any compensation for writing this review however I did join S2H's affiliate program prior to posting.  Any purchases made through the links in this post will result in commission for me.  Please read the Making Cents of It Disclaimer for more information.


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