How to Get Free Music Legally


The cost of music is always rising but there are legal ways to get free music.

One way is to listen to the radio. It's always been free and hopefully will always be free. There are radio stations for all genres of music and with the internet, you can now listen to even more. My favorite online radio is Pandora which also has apps for smart phones.  YouTube is a good source when you want to hear a specific song.

Another great source is your public library. Libraries have music and while you can't keep it indefinitely, it's always a good source to get new or old music. Return the CDs on time and you will never pay late fees.

There are always free songs available on iTunes and Amazon.  Every week you'll find specials and new artists to download. Additionally, you can earn free gift cards to Amazon through Swagbucks and redeem them for free music.

Some online music stores offer different options.  eMusic offers two different trial deals. 25 Free MP3 Downloads and $5 Music Credit. I personally would go with the 25 free downloads but I wanted to make you aware of both promotions.  Just a side note, that eMusic is a subscription site so the trial will turn into a paid membership unless you choose to cancel.  You can always cancel the subscription and remain a per song member.  Songs average $0.89 which is cheaper than some of the mainstream sites.


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