Did You Ask About Discounts?


I know it sounds silly, but do you ask about discounts at the register? How often do we not save the money because we either didn't know, forgot, or didn't ask? I recently learned that some retail stores offer discounts to AAA members.

Besides the AAA discounts at many retailers, I also know that some professions can receive discounts. For example, many book stores give teacher discounts. Dunkin' Donuts gave free coffee to fire fighters and EMTs every Tuesday during October.

Are you still a student? Even graduate students qualify for the student discounts. I show my ID and get discounts on movie tickets and even Broadway tickets. Some places might put an age limit on student discounts, such as banks limit student accounts until you're 25, but many don't.

Never be afraid to ask because the worst they can say is no in which case you are no worse off than you were when you started. I remember when I worked at a hotel while in college that we needed to hear specific buzz words to offer different discounts. Our largest discount was for the military, but only if they had papers to prove they were traveling in the area for military purposes. We also had discounts for people coming into the area for the hospital, or for people visiting the local colleges.

So please leave a comment and let your fellow readers know what discounts they should be asking for?


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