Why I believe in Extended Warranties


I am currently suffering from mycomputerhatemeitis. Last week, Windows started having trouble loading and I had to go into safe mode. Yesterday, I spent the whole day allowing the computer to reformat the harddrive, and today I am still getting the error messages on start-up.

Luckily, three years ago I purchased an extended complete care warranty. At the time, I wasn't sure about the value and compared both the in-store and company based protection plans. In the end, I bought the HP Complete Care Warranty for my computer. This plan covered everything even if I dropped the computer. A great guy named Jarrod walked me through a BIOS test and determined that the problem was in fact the harddrive. I am mailing my computer in and by next week it will be working again.

Please be advised that I currently have my work computer and will still be able to update but I don't have all my software so any logos or graphics might have that annoying white box around it.

I would also like to say a quick why I love HP and would purchase their computers again. As I mentioned, I have had this computer for three years. This is literally the first time I've had any major issues. I've had the typical battery issues that all computers of this age see, but I never had to use my warranty until today.  I'm a little sad though because the problems are just starting but my three year warranty expires next month.  I guess I'll spring for the four or five year warranty next time.


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