Get $5 Bonus With First Deposit Through Starbucks App


Starbucks has released their phone apps for use in almost all of their stores. This is great because you will no longer have to carry a gift card around. To get started, make sure your gift card is registered for Starbucks Rewards. Registering will get you lots of benefits including free drinks and more.

When you go to the store, just open the app and they will be able to scan the barcode. Your giftcard is debited and you get your order. It's easy and will save you time of having to search your wallet for the giftcard.

Even better, right now they are offering a promotion when you make a deposit through the app. Use your Visa to add a minimum of $25 to your card and you will get a $5 bonus. Please note that this promotion showed on my app when I logged in the first time. I'm not sure if it's all users, gold users, Blackberry users, or select users. Please look for the advertisement before assuming it to be correct.


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