Register Gift Cards for Added Security


Starbucks offer you protection when you register your giftcards. If you misplace your card, they can cancel the card and mail you a new one with the remaining balance.

Need another reason to register your gift card? How about free stuff. I have been a gold member at Starbucks for over a year now and I love it. Registered gift cards at Starbucks gives you many benefits. Just for signing up, you will protect your balance and start getting an annual postcard worth a free drink for your birthday. After your fifth purchase on the gift card, the benefits grow to include:
  • Free Syrups and Milk
  • Free Refill on Brewed Coffee or Tea
  • Free Beverage with Whole Bean Purchase
  • Free Trial Offers
Reach gold status and you will also get:
  • Free Drink Every 15 Stars
  • Personalized Gold Card
  • Free Offers

A quick tip is that each star is earned from a purchase, not the amount of the purchase. Therefore, if I am buying more than one drink I tend to ask the cashier to ring them up separately. Normally if they're not too busy they will do it for you. It will help you earn your free drinks faster.

If these benefits aren't enough of a reason to use a Starbucks giftcard, consider this. Specific cards over a charitable side to them. Product(RED) will donate $0.05 from every puchrase to AIDS research. Not each gift card, but each purchase made with the gift card. In the past, they've also had a gift card which would donate the $0.05 to rain forest preservation.

Dunkin Donuts also allows you to protect your balance through registering your gift card, but they don't offer additional promotions.  Do you know of any other companies?  Leave a comment so other Making Cents of It readers will know.  I'm sure lots of people got gift cards this holiday season.


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