Get $50 Worth of Groceries for Less Than $15


If you live near a Safeway, or one of the other grocery stores owned by Safeway, you can get a great deal online for first time shoppers. Delivery requires a minimum of $50 but here's the catch, items that are buy one get one free will not be discounted until the actual delivery. Therefore, the full value will count towards your $50 for delivery. Additionally, use the promo code CLICK to get $15 off your first order and free delivery.

Here's what to do in order to get the most out of these promotions. First, buy $50 worth of buy one/get one free products. Use the promotional code and your total will drop to $35. When the delivery truck arrives, you will see your total is only listed as $10 on the invoice. The reason you might have to spend slightly more than $10 is because your original total must be $50 or above. $10 is the final cost only if you were able to bring your total to exactly $50. To find the buy one/get one free sale items, just click online savings.

Save an additional $6-18 by using Shop at Home.


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