When You Have Unused or Expired Coupons


I've heard about this before, but I finally found information to help everyone do it. U.S. military bases allow families to use expired coupons for months past their expiration dates.  For the cost of a stamp, you can help our military families overseas save money when they buy their groceries on base.   They can only accept manufacturer coupons from the newspaper so do not send internet coupons.

When mailing overseas there are two ways to send them.  The first is to mail them to a specific family, however this only works if you personally know people overseas.  The second way is to mail them to the bases' family services.  If you are mailing the coupons to family services, I highly recommend writing somewhere on the envelope "contents: grocery coupons" so that they know what is in it.  Additionally ALL mail to military bases require a return address.  If you do not put a return address on the envelope it will be destroyed and not delivered for the safety of our soldiers.  Although it is overseas, military bases are considered U.S. Territory so it costs the same as domestic mail.

Instead of posting names and addresses that might change as people are transferred, I would like to direct you to this list.  The site states that it updates monthly and list February 2010 as the latest update so it is currently updated.

If you have too many coupons for an envelope (that's a good thing) and need to send them in a larger, package size, envelope you will need to fill out a customs form.  Just list it as coupons with a value of $0 and check the box that says gift. 
Source: Grocery Saving Tips


Anonymous said...

Military bases accept coupons for 6 months past the expiration date.

Shopping4Deals said...

Thank you. Every source I found had different time frames ranging from two to six months. I didn't want to give incorrect information.

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